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"First of all, this is by far the coolest addition I have added to my machine, in fact, it is probably the coolest addition I have ever seen."

"Great enthusiasm put into this! Many Praises, totally cool!!!!"

"The skull almost looks animated the way it flashes!"

"Easily the simplest install on a pinball machine I have ever made. Truly is 'Plug and Play'."

"Everything actually arrived before scheduled, all parts were there, and way better than advertised."

"Great product, easy to pay with the use of Paypal®, all I can say is, Thank You."

"These colored Skull pile lights add a whole new vibrant light show flashing on Bony Beast and the playfield. Dynamite!!"

"The Aqua LEDS are super bright, they look really good, and I have the top skull wired to this color too!"

"Great job! These are really fantastic. Easily the best toppers ever made. Love the colors in the skull pile kit."

"Topper and Skull Pile kit installed easily, Looks awesome."

"I recieved the skull all right and - of course - installed it already - looks terrific! It certainly adds value to the pinball machine - at least in my opinion."

Those of you that have recieved your items from me, please send me feedback so any improvements on products can be made in the future. I'm eager to hear what the pinball community has to say about these revolutionary topper kits. Who knows, maybe your feedback will end up on the list of so many happy customers on the Testimonials page.

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