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Limited Edition Martian Saucer Topper Kit

Out of Stock


Big O Jiggly Martian with Red LED eyes flying his own flying saucer.  The saucer has multi-colored flashing porthole lighting on both the top and bottom of the saucer.  This Kit will make an excellent addition to your AFMr Classic or Special Edition.. 


This Kit is for both the Classic and Special Edition CGC Remakes.  Email for special instructions for the Original Bally AFM. 

Kit Contents

The Kit is plug and play and is very easily installed in a matter of minutes.  Everything required to install the kit is provided, along with easy to follow Instillation instructions.  


Kit size is 4" Wide by 4" High

AFMr: Martian Saucer Topper Kit

Game: AFMr

Type: Aftermarket/Made by Mick's Pinball
Price: $93.95 each + shipping

International shipping: Per location
US Shipping: $8.95

Questions? Email Mick

Martian Saucer Topper Kit warrantied for 6 months for damage resulting from normal playfield use. 

A replacement (shipping not included) will be provided after return of damaged part. 

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