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Star Trek TNG Laser Cannon Kits

ST:TNG Laser sight cannons are finally here! Tired of missing those targets? Are you squatting to get your eyes down to glass level so you can aim your cannons? One shot is all you get! If you miss then you have to reload your cannon!


Now the creator of Mick's Pinball has developed something that William's only wished they had thought of, let alone others. Mick's patent pending laser cannons are now available for your ST:TNG game! Being in the business of manufacturing, Mick has painstakingly recreated, improved upon, and redesigned the ST:TNG turrets as replacements for your game.


Few will remember that the original prototypes had a red dome on top that was removed from William's to keep the cost down. Mick has brought the red dome back along with enhanced turret details and stronger plastic, what an improvement!


In addition to above improvements, the turret has now been fitted with a laser beam that helps you aim that ball and consistently hit those targets! Man, you have got to be kidding, a new and improved cannon turret for the ST:TNG. Finally someone has stepped up and is providing the best for your games. Mick's pinball is the only place you will find this, and you can order yours today.

Those of you that have received your items from me, please send me feedback so any improvements on products can be made in the future. I'm eager to hear what the pinball community has to say about these revolutionary topper kits. Who knows, maybe your feedback will end up on the list of so many happy customers on the Testimonials page.


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