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Question on Pinside:  How well do these hold up? Any breaking issues since they jiggle?
Response 1: I have had 4 of them since day one and they are perfect. Get the ones where the eyes light up for sure.

Response 2: I have 4 with red LED eyes for a couple of years and they still perform perfectly.

Just wanted to give a big shout out to Mick at I bought an attack from Mars from a gentleman on Pinside and one of the alien‘s eyes was not working. The gentleman said that it never worked. I contacted Mick And he looked up the person I bought it from to prove that it was purchased and he sent me a replacement part no questions asked. Now it’s working great. Highly recommend using him!

Just wanted to give a big shout out to Mick for providing great customer support. A tiny led went out on one of my Big O Jiggly Martians and Mick immediately provided a replacement without any hassle.

For those who haven't upgraded their original Martians, the Big O jiggly Martians are a nice improvement. And you can have confidence knowing the seller stands by his product. Thanks Mick!

I just gotta say these things (BOJ's with Bright LED Eyes) are freaking awesome. My wife thought they were hilarious. Great work man!

Got them (BOJ's with Bright LED Eyes)!! They look great, thanks a lot!

"I love the increased size (of the Big-O Jiggly Martian) and it is super jiggly on my AFM machine."

"The (Big-O Jiggly Martian) glowing eyes and increased jiggly are fantastic!"

"Awesome deal! Just got 4 of these (Big-O Jiggly Martians w/LED Eyes) installed last night! Huge upgrade over the small stiff factory ones on my afmr! Install was pretty easy with Mick’s optional cable adapters."

"So I decided to pick up a couple of Big-O Jiggly Marians with Glowing Red LED Eyes from Mick's Pinball.  I really like the red glow of the eyes and the jiggliness of the Martians."

"Got my Big O jiggly martians installed. Very easy to do. I went with 2 led lighted eyes and 2 normal ones. Thanks for a super cool mod."

"Buy these (Big-O Jiggly Martians with LED eyes). They are awesome!"

"I bought one (Big-O Jiggly Martian), liked it enough to get 3 more. 2 with lights and one more regular."

"First of all, this is by far the coolest addition I have added to my machine, in fact, it is probably the coolest addition I have ever seen."

"Great enthusiasm put into this! Many Praises, totally cool!!!!"

"The skull almost looks animated the way it flashes!"

"Easily the simplest install on a pinball machine I have ever made. Truly is 'Plug and Play'."

"Everything actually arrived before scheduled, all parts were there, and way better than advertised."

"Great product, easy to pay with the use of Paypal®, all I can say is, Thank You."

"These colored Skull pile lights add a whole new vibrant light show flashing on Bony Beast and the playfield. Dynamite!!"

"The Aqua LEDS are super bright, they look really good, and I have the top skull wired to this color too!"

"Great job! These are really fantastic. Easily the best toppers ever made. Love the colors in the skull pile kit."

"Topper and Skull Pile kit installed easily, Looks awesome."

"I received the skull all right and - of course - installed it already - looks terrific! It certainly adds value to the pinball machine - at least in my opinion."

Those of you that have received your items from me, please send me feedback so any improvements on products can be made in the future. I'm eager to hear what the pinball community has to say about these revolutionary topper kits. Who knows, maybe your feedback will end up on the list of so many happy customers on the Testimonials page.

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