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This captain has the secret weapon that no Starship should be without. That's right, laser guided cannons, Baby! This mod fits the theme perfectly, grab one for your machine!

Available Now!

graphics_ attack_from_mars.jpg

These Martians were hit by their own Big-O Beam. They're 20% larger and jiggly like Martians were meant to be.


Also available with Red LED Eyes or Flashing Multi-Color LED Eyes.

Available Now!

Martian Saucer Kit.jpg

Circular Red Oscillating LED's

Flasher GIF.GIF

Big O Jiggly Martian with Red LED eyes flying his own flying saucer. Comes with multi-colored flashing porthole lighting on both top and bottom of saucer.


Kit size is 4" High by 4" Wide.

These Circular Red Oscillating LED's are the newest innovation from Mick's Pinball.  They can be used in multiple applications on any playfield. 

Limited Supply! Only 2 kits left!

Available Now!


A great display of my work, this skull is lit up with LED lights corresponding to the Scared Stiff Pinball Machine.

Available Now!

Rescue the Princess from the tower, I think she wants you!!! This is just a taste of my work, there's plenty more for you to view inside...        

Available Now!


Robby the Robot, considerably known as Americas favorite Robot, and definitely America's favorite add-on to their already historic Twilight Zone Pinball Machine.  


No Longer Available!

Those of you that have received your items from me, please send me feedback so any improvements on products can be made in the future. I'm eager to hear what the pinball community has to say about these revolutionary topper kits. Who knows, maybe your feedback will end up on the list of so many happy customers on the Testimonials page.

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